This website is everything that's wrong with the national conversation about race and police violence.

I registered this domain on July 1st, 2010, one week before the jury in the Mehserle case returned their verdict. I am a white techie who lives in San Francisco and thought it would be funny to get in a jab or two at our neighbor across the Bay in case something went down.

Being a good liberal, I was disappointed at the light verdict and ended up putting up some short screed or another saying as much. The proceeding years have given me many more opportunities to sigh about injustice and post a lecture from the comfort of my home.


To focus on the aftermath of one bad decision after another is to ignore the forest for the trees. To even poke fun at the idea that people may be rioting in Oakland is to trivialize their hurt, and means participating in the media sideshow that makes the story of every subsequent injustice into a conveniently-packaged three part play which changes nothing.

I don't fucking care if Oakland is burning or not. I care that it's not safe to be black or brown in America, but I'm not really willing to put myself on the line for it, and I'm not the person you should be listening to anyway.

This domain will expire in July. If a person of color who is interested in taking over this space for some good purpose would like to acquire it before that time, I will happily hand it off to you - for free. Please contact me via the address in the whois info.

The shit's not cute.